Make a real difference to the health of East Timor!

With Your Help We Can Save Lives in East Timor by:


Safely Delivering Babies

Infant mortality in East Timor is 300 times higher than in countries like Australia. With your money we can continue to give mothers the ability to give birth in a safe environment.


Fighting Child Malnutrition

Malnutrition is rampant with 1 in 3 children have stunted growth and  nearly half are significantly malnourished.

With your help we can provide food, education and the environment for these children to reach their potential.


Controlling Tuberculosis

TB is at endemic proportions in Timor Leste. With your donations we can treat more people with this entirely curable disease.


Treating Cancer

When a patient presents with cancer, we simply don’t have the money , facilities, resources or drugs to treat them. We can sometimes give pain relief but this must be rationed. With more donations we can build capacity and begin treating cancer in East Timor.

Ways you can make a real difference to the health of Timor Leste:

About Bairo Pite Clinic

Timor-Leste is a tropical paradise located 480 kilometres north of Australia and is home to more than 1.1 million people. As Asia’s newest nation, gaining independence in 1999, Timor-Leste is a country determined to rebuild itself out of the ashes of foreign occupation.

The Bairo Pite Clinic (BPC) located in the capital city of Dili, provides free healthcare services in its commitment to serve the people of Timor-Leste. Having saved the lives of thousands of men, women and children, the Clinic with 55 inpatient beds established by Dr Dan Murphy in 1999, is one of Timor-Leste’s greatest success stories.

Bairo Pite Clinic is an NGO established under the laws of Timor-Leste.  Bairo Pite Hospital (BPH) is an Australian not-for-profit company limited by guarantee established with the main objective of supporting and enhancing Bairo Pite Clinic’s delivery of healthcare to the Timorese people.

Dr Dan Murphy

Dr Dan Murphy

A unique haven of care and compassion, the Clinic is an internationally respected centre for healthcare that continues to be dependent on the commitment and charitable donations of individuals and organisations across the globe.

Latest News


December 17, 2014A dentists volunteering experience treating hundreds of sore mouths

Upon arriving in Dili I was informed that I was one of only five dentists currently in Timor Leste and the first to be providing free treatment in over 9 months! With a population of over one million I have been kept very busy in my short stay. I worked out of a small surgery

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December 9, 2014Staff of the week – Daniel – Volunteer Translator

Daniel is 19 years old and is a part time Volunteer translator, who also helps to comfort children when they are in distress. Daniel was also the model for the ‘Hau vizita Doutor’ children’s book on what happens when you visit the Doctor, alongside our Nurse Ricardina. A project to produce children’s books by Timor

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December 7, 2014Welcome from the Chairman – Ross Taylor

For those I have not met, my name is Ross Taylor and I have been Chairman now for over 4 years and have had the wonderful opportunity to work closely with Dr Dan and the team up in Dili as well as the Board and broader support and fundraising team here in Australia. Over these

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December 4, 2014Fundraising Update – November 2014

What an amazing month we have had here in the Bairo Pite Clinic fundraising headquarters. Things have been very busy with many wonderful people supporting the clinic in many wonderful ways. Peter’s Luncheon A regular annual luncheon run by Peter MacCormack OAM has just raised $4,000 to sponsor the operation of our mobile clinics. Peter

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Melbourne runners

December 3, 2014‘Together for Bairo Pite’ – the MELBOURNE team

  The ‘Together for Bairo Pite ’ team was formed in Melbourne this year, made up of Timorese and non-Timorese members. All with a deep connection to East Timor, either as their homeland, cultural heritage or with family members still living Timor today. What really inspired the group to get together was the empathy we

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November 28, 2014BPC and HIV on World AIDS Day

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, 1st December 2014, we pause to reflect; What has HIV got to do with me?  In most peoples mind the HIV epidemic is some thing to do with Africa, or to developing countries, but it is important for us all to remember that HIV is also within the

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November 28, 2014Staff Profile – Vidal – General yardman

  What does your job involve? Every day Vidal keeps the yard clean by sweeping twice a day. He scrubs the gutters, checks the roofs to make sure no accumulation of leaves. Cleans solar panels once a month. He also shadows and assists any technical tradespeople who volunteer to help. For example he learned how to

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November 26, 2014Staff Profile – Inacio dos Santos – pharmacy

What does your job involve? My job consists of providing medication for around 300 out patients as well as preparing essential medicines for the in patient service. I am also responsible for monitoring our stocks of medicines and also preparing reports for our Board and for the Ministry of Health. I have to attend at

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November 24, 2014Volunteer Aussie Doctor’s wonderful Timor experience

My decision to go to Timor Leste came during August 2014 after I viewed a Foreign Correspondent program titled “The Clinic”. In fact, I watched it twice more such was my incomprehension that people could be suffering so much in out country’s immediate neighbourhood. Within a day or two my wife and I had made

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Lots of helping hands helping us with the container.

November 17, 2014Project Update November 2014

This is the first in a regular post about the projects we are currently engaged in to improve the healthcare at Bairo Pite Clinic. We thank all the wonderful donors who have helped to make these happen including a new playground on its way, and we are one step closer to getting adequate drainage. Playground

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