Make a real difference to the health of East Timor!

With Your Help We Can Save Lives in East Timor by:


Safely Delivering Babies

Infant mortality in East Timor is 16 times higher than in countries like Australia and the UK. With your money we can continue to give mothers the ability to give birth in a safe environment.


Fighting Child Malnutrition

Malnutrition is rampant with 1 in 3 children have stunted growth and  nearly half are significantly malnourished.

With your help we can provide food, education and the environment for these children to reach their potential.


Controlling Tuberculosis

TB is at endemic proportions in Timor Leste. With your donations we can treat more people with this entirely curable disease.


Treating Cancer

When a patient presents with cancer, we simply don’t have the money , facilities, resources or drugs to treat them. We can sometimes give pain relief but this must be rationed. With more donations we can build capacity and begin treating cancer in East Timor.

Ways you can make a real difference to the health of Timor Leste:

About Bairo Pite Clinic

Timor-Leste is a tropical paradise located 480 kilometres north of Australia and is home to more than 1.1 million people. As Asia’s newest nation, gaining independence in 1999, Timor-Leste is a country determined to rebuild itself out of the ashes of foreign occupation.

The Bairo Pite Clinic (BPC) located in the capital city of Dili, provides free healthcare services in its commitment to serve the people of Timor-Leste. Having saved the lives of thousands of men, women and children, the Clinic with 55 inpatient beds established by Dr Dan Murphy in 1999, is one of Timor-Leste’s greatest success stories.

Bairo Pite Clinic is an NGO established under the laws of Timor-Leste.  Bairo Pite Clinic Australia (BPCA) is an Australian not-for-profit company limited by guarantee established with the main objective of supporting and enhancing Bairo Pite Clinic’s delivery of healthcare to the Timorese people.

Dr Dan Murphy

Dr Dan Murphy

A unique haven of care and compassion, the Clinic is an internationally respected centre for healthcare that continues to be dependent on the commitment and charitable donations of individuals and organisations across the globe.

Latest News

clare and child

June 9, 2015Dr Clare talks capacity building, the medical advisory committee and more

Clare Nourse is an Infection Management specialist at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and an Associate Professor within the Faculty of Paediatrics at the University of Queensland. But in her spare time, she is also a Board member of Bairo Pite Clinic Australia and leads the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) – both volunteer positions. We sat

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Dr Dan Murphy

June 9, 2015Dan’s Message June 2015

The amazing work of BPC continues on a daily basis. It’s not just the miraculous cases like a baby with congenital heart disease successfully operated on in Tel Aviv, severe scoliosis addressed in Sydney, and advanced leukemia gone into remission in Singapore. It’s the dedicated day to day work of seeing 300 + cases and

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June 7, 2015A healthy baby. A happy and relieved Mum. We all know the feeling.

via Bairo Pite Clinic http://ift.tt/1FBHYX6

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May 25, 2015BPC has another publication in the scientific literature!

Our TB team has been working closely with the Ministry of Health’s National TB Program not only to find and treat patients who are unwell with TB, but also to prevent TB in small children who have been in close contact with people with infectious TB. These children are at high risk of developing TB

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May 22, 2015Lidia made it to Melbourne !

Lydia is coping with a modern metropolis – despite never having been on an escalator – not to mention a plane – the whole time with her trademark light beam smile. This opportunity was made possible because of some great organisations including Matadalan Ba Malu (MBM). MBM was established to facilitate English language scholarships for women

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May 21, 2015Baby Lisa’s heart is mended in Tel Aviv

Baby Lisa’s story Little Lisa is from a sub district in the mountains of the district of Ermera. Dad has a part time position as a pre-school teacher with the Christian Brothers and Mum takes care of the family. They have an older daughter. Baby Lisa was born in November 2014. Her Mum diligently feeds

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May 20, 2015Raising money in style – Together for Bairo Pite Clinic

The Together for Bairo Pite Clinic Group in Melbourne. Last year in August 2014, following The Clinic on Foreign Correspondent a group of Timorese Expatriates and friends of the East Timorese vowed to do something to help. ‘Together for Bairo Pite Clinic’ was born. That was eight months ago and not only have they have

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Bairo Pite Clinic Plumbing Drainage & ER bld works 27 April '14 003

May 20, 2015We have proper Plumbing and Sanitation – thanks to ROTARY

Rotary MARVELOUS Rotary – The Sanitation Project. For those who have visited BPC you will know that the Clinics sanitation and plumbing is very substandard. The septic system is poor and the drains are open. There is no running water in any of the Clinic wards to wash hands. The water for the clinic is

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April 13, 2015Our new Kitchen is up and running

From this…. To this…. via a series of happy coincidences. The kitchen story started last year, when Staff came into Clinic Manager, Fi’s office. ‘Mana, we have been talking’ they said. Fi braced for an unattainable demand. ‘You are always getting Nurses and Doctors to do capacity building with the professional staff, the Nurses and

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March 30, 2015Concert in the Hills for Bairo Pite Clinic – Foxground 2015

Hopefully we have all experienced some days in our lives which seem to be blessed. March 28, 2015 was one such time for 250 very lucky people who attended the first (but it will definitely not be the last) “Concert in the Hills” on Joe and Maura Cato’s property at Foxground on the south coast

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