Make a real difference to the health of East Timor!

With Your Help We Can Save Lives in East Timor by:


Safely Delivering Babies

Infant mortality in Timor Leste is 16 times higher than in countries like Australia and the UK. With your money we can continue to give mothers the ability to give birth in a safe environment.


Fighting Child Malnutrition

Malnutrition is rampant with 1 in 3 children have stunted growth and  nearly half are significantly malnourished.

With your help we can provide food, education and the environment for these children to reach their potential.


Controlling Tuberculosis

TB is at endemic proportions in Timor Leste. With your donations we can treat more people with this entirely curable disease.


Treating Cancer

When a patient presents with cancer, we simply don’t have the money , facilities, resources or drugs to treat them. We can sometimes give pain relief but this must be rationed. With more donations we can build capacity and begin treating cancer in Timor Leste.

Ways you can make a real difference to the health of Timor Leste:

About Bairo Pite Clinic

Timor-Leste is a tropical paradise located 480 kilometres north of Australia and is home to more than 1.1 million people. As Asia’s newest nation, gaining independence in 1999, Timor-Leste is a country determined to rebuild itself out of the ashes of foreign occupation.

The Bairo Pite Clinic (BPC) located in the capital city of Dili, provides free healthcare services in its commitment to serve the people of Timor-Leste. Having saved the lives of thousands of men, women and children, the Clinic with 55 inpatient beds established by Dr Dan Murphy in 1999, is one of Timor-Leste’s greatest success stories.

Bairo Pite Clinic is an NGO established under the laws of Timor-Leste.  Bairo Pite Clinic Australia (BPCA) is an Australian not-for-profit company limited by guarantee established with the main objective of supporting and enhancing Bairo Pite Clinic’s delivery of healthcare to the Timorese people.

Dr Dan Murphy

Dr Dan Murphy

A unique haven of care and compassion, the Clinic is an internationally respected centre for healthcare that continues to be dependent on the commitment and charitable donations of individuals and organisations across the globe.

The Latest from BPC

Motoaid Motorbike training for the BPC team

On Saturday we were supported by MOTOAID, an Australian NGO who fund raise for motorcycles in the health development setting, the 4 TB Programme Out-reach Health Care workers together with a couple of other staff from HIV and Finance, who often use their personal bikes for work errands, were joined by our colleagues from HIAM […]

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The chair (man) and his dentist

At the last Dili ‘in country’ board meeting – Chairman of the Board – Ross Taylor brought a friend along. The friend is a dentist and had been to visit BPC once before and was sorely aware of the short falls of the BPC Dental Clinic. The Dentist – (who will remain anonymous) knew that the […]

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Soldier on helping BPC

Final day for our visitors from Soldier On, the organization supporting veterans and their families. This project fundraisers through RC Geelong and with help from East Timor Roofing, they have supported the building of a new Car Port to shelter our vehicles from the punishing sun, allowing patient to board our mini bus for hospital […]

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Friends and supporters – thank you for your helping hand

The Bairo Pite Clinic continues to experience very positive traction through excellent media coverage from Ted talks to Reddit including publicity in Sports Illustrated. We are delighted to share with you that with all the challenges we tend to incur, huge strides have been made organizationally enabling a much better effort specifically in the key […]

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Volunteer Dr Robyn’s treasured time at BPC

This year I worked at Bairo Pite Clinic for 4 weeks in June-July. My usual work is as a GP in suburbia in Newcastle, light years away from my 4th year of work at BPC. My goal these days when I go to BPC is to arrive with a project that the staff want done. […]

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Dr Dan promoting his book Breakaway in IOWA

Earlier this month, Dr. Dan traveled to the U.S. to promote his recent book, “Breakaway: An Autobiography.” He attended three book signings in his home state of Iowa. News of Dr. Dan’s return to the U.S. created local buzz, with particular excitement around his first-ever book. In a recent interview, Dr. Dan said the timeline […]

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BPC has a NEW Treatment Room – almost

The current treatment room at BPC is an ex shipping container and we use it to assess and treat people that have been involved in accidents or need minor procedure but anyone who knows the building will realize we needed an upgrade.   So for many years we have dreamed of building a proper treatment room. […]

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Dr Margaret’s typical day at BPC

Dr Margaret has been volunteering and working at Bairo Pite Clinic for many years now. When she is not in Dili she is working at her practice in Australia. This is her typical day… The phone rings at 4:00 am –the BPC midwives are concerned about a patient who delivered a healthy baby an hour ago […]

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Ubuntu Dinner raised over $15,000 for BPC

Once again the Griffith University Student put on a party to remember and raised money for charities they support – Bairo Pite Clinic and a school in Kenya.They filled the room to capacity with 350 happy people. No easy feat !They were extremely proud to announce that they raised $31,477 at their annual 2015 fundraising dinner! This […]

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mitral valvuloplasty and left atrial appendectomy...excellent outcome...seems so routine but far from it...only possible with highly skilled and committed clinicians working as a team...recognition for Macquarie,Toll, and entire East Timor Heart Fund group.

Dr Dan
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