Motoaid Motorbike training for the BPC team

On Saturday we were supported by MOTOAID, an Australian NGO who fund raise for motorcycles in the health development setting, the 4 TB Programme Out-reach Health Care workers together with a couple of other staff from HIV and Finance, who often use their personal bikes for work errands, were joined by our colleagues from HIAM […]

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The chair (man) and his dentist

At the last Dili ‘in country’ board meeting – Chairman of the Board – Ross Taylor brought a friend along. The friend is a dentist and had been to visit BPC once before and was sorely aware of the short falls of the BPC Dental Clinic. The Dentist – (who will remain anonymous) knew that the […]

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Soldier on helping BPC

Final day for our visitors from Soldier On, the organization supporting veterans and their families. This project fundraisers through RC Geelong and with help from East Timor Roofing, they have supported the building of a new Car Port to shelter our vehicles from the punishing sun, allowing patient to board our mini bus for hospital […]

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Volunteer Dr Robyn’s treasured time at BPC

This year I worked at Bairo Pite Clinic for 4 weeks in June-July. My usual work is as a GP in suburbia in Newcastle, light years away from my 4th year of work at BPC. My goal these days when I go to BPC is to arrive with a project that the staff want done. […]

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Dr Margaret’s typical day at BPC

Dr Margaret has been volunteering and working at Bairo Pite Clinic for many years now. When she is not in Dili she is working at her practice in Australia. This is her typical day… The phone rings at 4:00 am –the BPC midwives are concerned about a patient who delivered a healthy baby an hour ago […]

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Our new Kitchen is up and running

From this…. To this…. via a series of happy coincidences. The kitchen story started last year, when Staff came into Clinic Manager, Fi’s office. ‘Mana, we have been talking’ they said. Fi braced for an unattainable demand. ‘You are always getting Nurses and Doctors to do capacity building with the professional staff, the Nurses and […]

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The challenges and rewards of Bairo Pite Clinic as a medical student

Working with the dedicated team at Bairo Pite Clinic presents many challenges to the fresh faced, foreign medical student: There are endless days, sweltering hot wards and language frustrations. You are faced with uncertain diagnoses, inadequate investigations and limited treatment options. Patients appear unacceptably ill and the ethical dilemmas around resource allocation are painfully obvious. […]

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