The current treatment room at BPC is an ex shipping container and we use it to assess and treat people that have been involved in accidents or need minor procedure but anyone who knows the building will realize we needed an upgrade.


The old treatment room with blue curtains


So for many years we have dreamed of building a proper treatment room. We wanted to provide the facilities for our staff to provide quality services and to improve the comfort of our patients.


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From 2012 the Board and some wonderful supporters have been working on a replacement – Colleen Wilson produced a first class functional brief that was translated into initial plans by Peter Kemp (Kemp Consulting Pty Ltd) – both providing their services bro-bono.

We then added the magic ingredient – funding.

The Andrew McNaughton foundation offered a substantial amount of money but not enough to complete the building. Following Foreign Correspondent in August last year an anonymous donor offered us the rest of the money to complete this project.

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More discussions about the plans were had and quotes were submitted and carefully considered by the board and Dili Rotarian and long time supporter of BPC – Daryl Mills – who also oversaw the project.


The functional brief had provided us with a list of equipment required to fit out the new facility – again generous supporters have helped us to procure the equipment needed most especially Southport Rotary.


When the board meets in East Timor in October this year we will hopefully be cutting the ribbon and declaring the Andrew McNaughton Treatment room open.

As with all good things – the process was not easy – but the outcome for the sick and injured people of Timor will be improved the quality of care we can offer.

For ALL of those involved – we sincerely thank you.

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