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About Bairo Pite Clinic

Timor-Leste is a tropical paradise located 480 kilometres north of Australia and is home to more than 1.1 million people. As Asia’s newest nation, gaining independence in 1999, Timor-Leste is a country determined to rebuild itself out of the ashes of foreign occupation.

The Bairo Pite Clinic (BPC) located in the capital city of Dili, provides free healthcare services in its commitment to serve the people of Timor-Leste. Having saved the lives of thousands of men, women and children, the Clinic with 55 inpatient beds established in 1999, is one of Timor-Leste’s greatest success stories.

Bairo Pite Clinic is an NGO established under the laws of Timor-Leste.  Bairo Pite Clinic Australia (BPCA) is an Australian not-for-profit company limited by guarantee established with the main objective of supporting and enhancing Bairo Pite Clinic’s delivery of healthcare to the Timorese people.

facing the manyA unique haven of care and compassion, the Clinic is an internationally respected centre for healthcare that continues to be dependent on the commitment and charitable donations of individuals and organisations across the globe.

The Latest from BPC

New Direction for Bairo Pite Clinic

For reasons outlined in the email below, what we have been doing to help at the clinic is no longer possible under the current circumstances. However, we have a plan to continue the valuable work of investing in health in Timor-Leste in a new and exciting form. Over the next few months the Bairo Pite […]

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Changes at BPC – IMPORTANT

Bairo Pite Clinic has a long history of providing free, high quality health care delivered by a large team of Timorese and international doctors, nurses, health workers and support staff. On Monday 21st August 2017 the clinic founder, Dr Daniel Murphy indicated his determination to work alone at the clinic, without the support of the […]

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Mudansa importante iha Klinika Bairo Pite

Tinan barak ona, Klínika Bairo Pite serve populasaun Timor-Leste, no fornese tratamentu saúde ne’ebé kualidade di’ak no gratis. Ekipa boot doutór/a, enfermeiru/a, parteira no staff sira seluk husi Timor-Leste no rai li’ur mak servisu hamutuk hodi fó tratamentu saúde ne’e ba populasaun Timor-Leste. Iha loron Segunda, 21 Agostu 2017, fundadór Klínika Bairo Pite, Dr Daniel […]

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Exciting Opportunity for Registrar Level Doctor in Timor-Leste (East Timor)

For doctors interested in global and tropical health, Timor-Leste offers exciting challenges, enormous opportunities to learn and a way to make a significant contribution. We are seeking a Medical Officer to work at Bairo Pite Clinic (BPC), Dili for 6-12 months from  June, 2016. BPC is a 50-bed philanthropic clinic with a busy outpatient service (250 […]

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Meet Vilma helping in Malnutrition

We have too much good news in Malnutrition, Maia is due to deliver her baby in April, and Elisa has secured a place at University of Timor Leste to study Nutrition, so Malnutrition Team Leader, Lidia, has a slight headache. Along comes Vilma, who has been volunteering as a general clinic volunteer and interpreter. Lidia […]

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  PAVING THE YARD A Unique COLLABORATION BETWEEN ROTARY CLUB OF DILI, RMS AND THE US NMCB3 (Navy Mobile Construction Battalion 3 better known as THE SEABEES). The solution to our cleaners nightmare. Timor Leste can be hot, hot, hot, and very dry, it can also be wet, wet, wet and very muddy. Either condition […]

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Foxground Concert March 19 2016

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Motoaid Motorbike training for the BPC team

On Saturday we were supported by MOTOAID, an Australian NGO who fund raise for motorcycles in the health development setting, the 4 TB Programme Out-reach Health Care workers together with a couple of other staff from HIV and Finance, who often use their personal bikes for work errands, were joined by our colleagues from HIAM […]

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The chair (man) and his dentist

At the last Dili ‘in country’ board meeting – Chairman of the Board – Ross Taylor brought a friend along. The friend is a dentist and had been to visit BPC once before and was sorely aware of the short falls of the BPC Dental Clinic. The Dentist – (who will remain anonymous) knew that the […]

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Soldier on helping BPC

Final day for our visitors from Soldier On, the organization supporting veterans and their families. This project fundraisers through RC Geelong and with help from East Timor Roofing, they have supported the building of a new Car Port to shelter our vehicles from the punishing sun, allowing patient to board our mini bus for hospital […]

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