A walking donor is someone who has agreed to be contacted if a blood donation is urgently needed.  You will be contacted only if your blood group matched the need of a patient.

Occasionally at BPC we have urgent need for blood for a specific patient and the blood bank does not have blood of the right type available. For that reason we would like to keep a register of individuals who would be willing to be called to donate blood for those specific patients.

This will save considerable time in putting out an appeal and will help to improve the life saving prospects for a patient quickly.

Your phone number and other details are confidential, the only people who can access this register are the Medical Director, the Clinic Manager and the 2nd Senior Doctor of Bairo Pite Clinic.

For the register we would need your name, telephone number and blood group; the list will be kept in a password protected document only accessible by the clinic manager and the senior doctor. We will only call you if we know your blood type matches that of a patient in need at the clinic.

The fact that we have this register will be shared with health providers locally, such as the National Hospital (GVNH) and other local clinics but your particular personal details will be kept private.

If you are identified as a good match, you will receive a call from Bairo Pite Clinic and asked to go to the national hospital blood bank to donate in the name of the patient you are helping. The blood bank will take a donation of blood and rush it to the patient in need.

You benefit from knowing that you have – made an important contribution to a very sick person, usually a Timorese.

We can only accept registered donors resident in Timor Leste.

If you live elsewhere please contact your local blood bank, they will be happy to advise you of local arrangements.

Thank you.

Please call the Bairo Pite Clinic when you leave for good, to de register.’


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