Without the support of many people and organisations from around the world keen to donate medical equipment and supplies, BPC services, the standard of healthcare we provide and the patients we care for, would suffer.

The need is great and ongoing. Items we are continually in short supply of include medicines that are NOT expired or close to expiration, medical supplies and new or used medical equipment that is in GOOD condition and working order.

Some items we need urgently and others are important for us to continue to provide healthcare to the people of Timor-Leste. To help, you can donate by selecting from our wish list which is updated regularly.  However, if you have items you would like to donate that are not included on our Wish List, please contact us.

Current Wishlist (Dec 2015)

URGENTLY NEEDED all of the time


N95 masks

Non-sterile gloves (size M/L/XL only)

Sterile gloves (size 7 or bigger only)

Long sterile gloves (for use in maternity)

Sterile gauze

Ultrasound gel

Sharps bins (large)

Zinc oxide tape

Disposable scalpels

Nylon sutures

Intraosseous needles


ECG stickers/dots

Bone marrow biopsy kit

Lumbar Puncture kits

Lab/maternity equipment:

India Ink stain

Urine dipsticks

Haematocrit machine

Agitator machine

Angle poise lamp (for suturing with)

Vacuum extractor


Medications (if you are a Doctor)

IV paracetamol


Betadine, chlorhexidine, alcohol hand gel

Inhalers: seretide, salbutamol, ipratropium

Magnesium sulphate

IV hydrocortisone

IV aciclovir

Fluconazole (IV and po)


Flucloxacillin (IV and po)

Co-Amoxiclav (IV and po)

Benzathine penicillin

Paediatric multivitamins

Adcal D3


IV potassium chloride

Tropicamide eye drops

Clotrimazole cream

IV furosemide