Friends and supporters – thank you for your helping hand

The Bairo Pite Clinic continues to experience very positive traction through excellent media coverage from Ted talks to Reddit including publicity in Sports Illustrated. We are delighted to share with you that with all the challenges we tend to incur, huge strides have been made organizationally enabling a much better effort specifically in the key […]

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Dr Dan promoting his book Breakaway in IOWA

Earlier this month, Dr. Dan traveled to the U.S. to promote his recent book, “Breakaway: An Autobiography.” He attended three book signings in his home state of Iowa. News of Dr. Dan’s return to the U.S. created local buzz, with particular excitement around his first-ever book. In a recent interview, Dr. Dan said the timeline […]

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Make a difference. 3 years ago we released this video

This short video about the clinic rom 3 years shows just how much has improved, but also how much has stayed the same. Whilst we no longer need to worry about blood filling the drains thanks to a herculean effort by donors, Rotary and the clinic staff, we now have sanitary plumbing. No more blood […]

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Dr Clare talks capacity building, the medical advisory committee and more

Clare Nourse is an Infection Management specialist at Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital and an Associate Professor within the Faculty of Paediatrics at the University of Queensland. But in her spare time, she is also a Board member of Bairo Pite Clinic Australia and leads the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) – both volunteer positions. We sat […]

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A healthy baby. A happy and relieved Mum. We all know the feeling.

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Lidia made it to Melbourne !

Lydia is coping with a modern metropolis – despite never having been on an escalator – not to mention a plane – the whole time with her trademark light beam smile. This opportunity was made possible because of some great organisations including Matadalan Ba Malu (MBM). MBM was established to facilitate English language scholarships for women […]

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Baby Lisa’s heart is mended in Tel Aviv

Baby Lisa’s story Little Lisa is from a sub district in the mountains of the district of Ermera. Dad has a part time position as a pre-school teacher with the Christian Brothers and Mum takes care of the family. They have an older daughter. Baby Lisa was born in November 2014. Her Mum diligently feeds […]

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A Christmas at Bairo Pite Clinic

Dr Dan often tells people ‘Moras la feriada’ (Sickness does not take holidays). At our clinic we continue, night and day to provide health care for our patients. Christmas morning ward round commenced at 8am, with Dr Dan and medical students from University of Queensland and University of Western Australia, together with local Nurses Cico […]

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Welcome from the Chairman – Ross Taylor

For those I have not met, my name is Ross Taylor and I have been Chairman now for over 4 years and have had the wonderful opportunity to work closely with Dr Dan and the team up in Dili as well as the Board and broader support and fundraising team here in Australia. Over these […]

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Volunteer Aussie Doctor’s wonderful Timor experience

My decision to go to Timor Leste came during August 2014 after I viewed a Foreign Correspondent program titled “The Clinic”. In fact, I watched it twice more such was my incomprehension that people could be suffering so much in out country’s immediate neighbourhood. Within a day or two my wife and I had made […]

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