Bairo Pite Clinic has a long history of providing free, high quality health care delivered by a large team of Timorese and international doctors, nurses, health workers and support staff.

On Monday 21st August 2017 the clinic founder, Dr Daniel Murphy indicated his determination to work alone at the clinic, without the support of the partner organisations of Bairo Pite Clinic (Timor-Leste) and Bairo Pite Clinic (Australia), which were established in 2010 to provide for all clinical services, governance and funding of the Bairo Pite Clinic.

The boards of these organisations currently support the team of more than 100 staff employed at the clinic, with significant investment in their training and education.

Given Dr Daniel’s age and the importance of ensuring best quality clinical care, the Bairo Pite Clinic (Australia) board and medical advisory committee have been negotiating with Dr Daniel in an attempt to encourage him to transition to a new and more appropriate role within the Bairo Pite Clinic organisation, focusing on community engagement, advocacy and teaching.

Bairo Pite Clinic (Australia) had hoped in this way to work with Dr Daniel into the future and further enhance the legacy he has already achieved.

We are saddened that Dr Daniel has refused to continue working with the boards to negotiate an appropriate transition of his own role, to ensure the ongoing success and improvement of the clinic.

As a result of Dr Daniel’s refusal to cooperate with the organisation and his determination to continue to deliver unregulated clinical services without the support of the board or medical advisory committee, Bairo Pite Clinic (Australia) has been forced to withdraw our ongoing support for the Clinic from the 26th August 2017.

We are working very hard to ensure a safe transition of medical care for current patients of Bairo Pite Clinic, and remain committed to contributing in Timor-Leste to improve the health of Timorese people.

If over the coming weeks, Dr Daniel changes his approach, and allows us to effectively re-engage at the clinic, we will embrace that opportunity.

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