It takes A$70,000 a month to keep the clinic running

Be a hero and become a Guardian of Bairo Pite Clinic with a monthly donation

Why we need Guardians

Over the past few years we have been lucky enough to receive enough donations to keep the clinic running and even expanding.

But in order to continue the good work, we need sustainable funding for things like nurses wages, medicines, maintenance and inpatient meals.

We have around A$15,000 of solid donations already pledged per month by wonderful benefactors, but we need help to make up the other A$55,000 each month.

Consider becoming a Guardian of Bairo Pite Clinic to help us give stability to a clinic that delivers treatment to over 70,000 patients per year, some of the poorest people in the world whilst giving local medical staff invaluable expertise and training.

Where the money goes

Salaries and Overtime

There are a lot of local and international staff that keep the clinic running whilst being paid very little in a global context, especially for international medical professionals.

Bairo Pite clinic pays over 80 staff including:

1 international senior doctor
13 nurses
9 midwives
9 cleaners
3 cooks
4 Drivers
2 HIV counsellors
5 Lab assistants and technicians
6 TB health care workers
2 malnutrition health care workers
2 Emergency Room assistants
and many other roles that are essential to providing the best possible patient care.

Administration, Cleaning and Logistics

These are all the basic costs of keeping a facility as large as Bairo Pite Clinic running.

It’s everything from the water deliveries to electricity, internet, phones, petrol cleaning products and anything else that we need to do to keep a hygienic clinic running at full capacity.

Medicine and Supplies

From paracetamol to bandages, face masks to saline solution, this is the medicines and medical supplies we need to treat our patients. We have been lucky with generous donations of supplies, but unfortunately what is on offer never exactly meets our needs.

We only buy what is absolutely necessary, but with more funding we would be able to get more medicines and supplies to provide a better quality of care.


Everyone needs to eat!

We treat over 2000 inpatients every year, and like in any western hospital, those patents need to eat nutritious food to help them heal.

Running at an average of only 50c per meal, we think it’s some of the best value found anywhere in the world.

Mobile Clinic

East Timor is a poor country without the infrastrucure you may have become accustomed to in many other countries.

Many of it’s people live too far away from the capital Dili and would have to walk a long time to access healthcare.

Our mobile clinics brings treatment to many who would otherwise have no access to health care.

Fundraising, Governance and Insurance

These are all the costs we incur to make sure that the clinic and it’s activites are properly run.

This includes money to:

Keep our accounts in order
Pay for fundraising, communications and marketing
Insurance for volunteers
All of our board members are volunteers and many give generously to the clinic.

Where are we at?
Updated September 2015

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142 Guardians


A$5,728 per month

How much can you spare each month for the clinic?

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If you are an Australian resident and want to make a tax deductible donation, please head over to  our fundraising partner AFAP.

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Our Guardians

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    Stephen Pettecrew July 22, 2015 at 8:09 am

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