Rotary MARVELOUS Rotary – The Sanitation Project.


For those who have visited BPC you will know that the Clinics sanitation and plumbing is very substandard. The septic system is poor and the drains are open. There is no running water in any of the Clinic wards to wash hands.
The water for the clinic is from tanks, local supply and bore water. The tank has thankfully been fixed by the seebees and an offending tree has been removed.
tank 5

So three Rotary Clubs in three different districts in two different states set out to fix this.

• They held concerts in generous people’s homes.
• They used special bequeats from long gone members who specified their monies were to be spent helping people overseas who need it most.
• They haggled with BPC to get quotes.
• Friends gave significant sums of money.
• They had many, many meetings and phone calls.
• They shared many, many ideas via emailsinger   pianist



Finally all of the above comes together. A LOT OF MONEY IS GATHERED and we hit the GO button….

The project is currently underway and includes…
• Remove one of the septic tanks and replacing it with a much larger one.
• Re plumb the entire site using existing drainage where possible and new underground drainage where necessary.
• All three toilet bock to be renovated (including using some equipment for the ex Gold Coast Hospital – a previous Southport Rotary Project)
• All rooms to be fitted with hand basins and plumbed to existing drains.
• Maternity toilets to be raised to ensure the correct fall for solid waste and plumbed into new drainage.
• Sawyer Product water filtration units and regulators to be plumbed into the exit point of water storage to provide safe drinking water.

Work in Progress…..


What this means to BPC…….
With proper hand washing facilities, flushing toilets and showers we will be able to treat the sick under proper medical conditions and stop the spread of disease.
These improvements will ensure that the staff can practice medicine safely.
The 50 + inpatients patients will have the best chance at getting better.
Our visitors will have a better change of staying healthy.
Our staff will be provide a safer work environment and better equipment to treat patients properly.
This project is the underpinning of all other projects that we need to at the Clinic.

Thank you partnering Clubs….

Rotary Club of Richmond District 9800
Rotary Club of Braeside District 9810
Rotary Club of Southport District 9640
Rotary Club of Dili District 9550. Daryl Mills – Rotarian OAM in Dili is overseeing the project

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  1. Comment by Sally Pritchett

    Sally Pritchett Reply June 10, 2015 at 3:44 pm

    So good to see such progress, what a great project and sure it will make a huge difference to so many people. We well remember packing those toilets and hand basins at the old GC Hospital, good to see them put to use.

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