SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESFor those I have not met, my name is Ross Taylor and I have been Chairman now for over 4 years and have had the wonderful opportunity to work closely with Dr Dan and the team up in Dili as well as the Board and broader support and fundraising team here in Australia.

Over these years I have found that being engaged with the Clinic and Health care in Timor-Leste has become more compelling and my passion for what we are trying to do remains undiminished. Timor-Leste is relevant as it is one of our closest neighbours to Australia and the need is great – if we do not take interest then who will? With such a great need it means the ability for us to have a dramatic impact with not much is a daily reality, which makes the dollars and effort we all put in feel like it is really, really worth it.

Over the four years BPC has come a long way in terms of the improvements we have made across; the staffing to support Dr Dan and the original team, improvements that have been made physically to the clinic facilities, the funds we now raise each year, the services and goods in kind we receive, and the depth and breadth of the board and key supporters. Thanks to all of you that have supported us over this journey.

each year has got a bit better so we all remain very excited and hopeful about the long term future of the clinic.

While we can and do take considerable comfort from this we still have a long way to go and continue to live a frustrating and at times disconcerting “hand to mouth existence”. Each year we are raising around $400k to $500k in funds, when we really need $700k to $800k to run the Clinic effectively, so we are always trying to get buy as best we can, rather than achieving our true potential.

This has been exacerbated each year as things change like; drug supplies getting harder to source and more costly, Ministry of Health running out of funds to support NGO’s etc… Also as only a portion of our funding is predictable the rest we have to hunt down and look for each and every month of the year. But each year is has got a bit better so we all remain very excited and hopeful about the long term future of the clinic.

We continue to hold on to our dreams and aspirations; and look for every opportunity to work towards our long term goals of:

1. Get the present Dili clinic and mobile clinics; sustainability and predictably funded, staffed properly, supplied properly and the facilities upgraded so they are adequate – we are only about 60% of the way to achieving this
2. Develop a new more modern Clinic in Dili, expanding our capacity and capability, making material improvement in what we do across the board.
3. Establish a suite of smaller permanent regional clinics networked off what we do in Dili.

As always we hope you enjoy the update that follows.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us, and if you wish to help us in anyway – it will always be deeply appreciated.

Ross Taylor

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  1. Comment by Bob McEwan

    Bob McEwan Reply December 10, 2014 at 7:34 pm

    you have to be the same Ross Taylor that I worked with many years ago in Lend Lease in Melbourne and then came across at again ETP in Carrum whilst you were with Tenix and I with Aurecon/ Melbourne Water – I worked on site at ETP with Peter Horvath for 2 years.
    I retired 5 months ago and am looking to undertake some volunteer work in East Timor next year. Two months ago I visited East Timor with Palms to look at volunteer opportunities and visited Bairo Pite Clinic on 3 October. We met Fi and were extremely impressed with the good work being undertaken under challenging conditions.
    If you have time when in Melbourne sometime, give me a call on tel 0412 176 010 and I’d love the opportunity to talk about the work of Bairo Pite Clinic.

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