Abrao – Assistant Manager of BPC

Abrao is from Dili, Timor Leste and works as the Assistant Manager here at Bairo Pite Clinic (BPC). He has extensive experience in formal roles with various organizations, all based here in Dili, which has helped to equip him for his current responsibilities. Having been involved in World Bank water provision programs, working as a translation supervisor for the Australian Air Force and being on the logistics team for several UNDP projects, Abrao has certainly tried his hand at various roles and has acquired an impressive set of skills. He was looking for a new challenge when he was told about the available position of Assistant Manager here at BPC.

Having now worked at the clinic since November 2013, Abrao has settled well into his responsibilities, effectively organizing staff schedules, overseeing overseas donations of medical equipment, keeping on top of all the staff records and, most importantly, assisting the Clinic Manager with the day-to-day tasks of maintaining a high level of efficiency and physically showing their inherent dedication to the welfare of staff and patients alike. Should the Clinic Manager be absent Abrao has the authority to assume the responsibility of overseeing the general upkeep of management, administration and professional practice throughout the clinic.

Team communication and efficient staff relations are two key qualities Abrao personally encourages, and he is certainly a central figure within BPC; the Clinic Manager would have an impossible job if the Assistant Manager was not available. The fact that Abrao has such an open, caring and attentive character only makes him more valuable to all those who work at BPC. Abrao really enjoys the social side to his work, being able to communicate with staff and patients throughout the day and feeling included in this mammoth effort to give
something back to the wider Timor Leste community. He says that this incredibly busy job is ‘easy’, no doubt encouraged by the evident appreciation of all his co-workers. Although it can sometimes be difficult to implement managerial ideals in such a complex setting, Abrao is thankful for the collaboration between the various staff roles within the clinic.

Having gained new insight into the importance of available, reliable and good quality healthcare since he started at BPC, Abrao sees himself being committed to the clinic for the foreseeable future, funding dependent, in a hope to continue the combined effort of many to improve the quality of life for the people of Timor Leste.

Project categories: Staff, Support and Administration