Adeze – Councillor at BPC

Mendezio (Adeze) came to work at Bairo Pite Clinic (BPC) after being involved with the organization SOLS who recruit English speakers to volunteer for various opportunities throughout Dili. Originally from the Ainaro District of Timor Leste, Adeze was hopeful for an opportunity to use the training he had acquired from the 3 month Leadership Program he’d completed at Sydney University, as well as the skills he learnt from doing 6 months training with St John’s Ambulance in Brisbane whilst carrying out an English Capacity Building course. Originally coming to the clinic to volunteer as a translator in 2010, Adeze soon found he was interested in the medical profession to some degree, and eventually found himself working in the HIV Department.

Adeze is now fully occupied with giving counsel to the HIV patients who come to BPC seeking medical attention. He oversees their transfer to the National Hospital should it be necessary, requests test kits from the laboratory to test new patients and writes reports for the Ministry of Health to inform them of the work made possible by their support. Working closely with his fellow staff, particularly the Pharmacy Department and the laboratory technicians, Adeze feels the weight of his responsibilities as he aims to participate in the team effort to successfully see to and treat anyone who comes to the clinic.

As HIV AIDS cases are on the rise in Timor Leste, Adeze keenly feels the urgency of not only preventing further spreading of the disease, but also to carry out prevention education as much as possible. Working alongside other partner groups to raise awareness of prevention techniques is something

Adeze considers his job to be of utmost importance. He wishes there was more being done in HIV prevention, particularly in the remote communities. A more reliable and extensive access to equipment and medicine would also be helpful, but he understands that all staff at the clinic do the best they can with what they have. With dreams of one day qualifying as a nurse, or maybe even a doctor, Adeze is passionate to further the HIV prevention work in Timor Leste and to encourage the poor communities to fight for their right to basic healthcare and education.

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