Daniel – Volunteer Translator

Daniel is 19 years old and is a part time Volunteer translator, who also helps to comfort children when they are in distress. Daniel was also the model for the ‘Hau vizita Doutor’ children’s book on what happens when you visit the Doctor, alongside our Nurse Ricardina. A project to produce children’s books by Timor Aid.

Daniel has just won a prestigious Leadership Award, from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, at parliament house, in Melbourne. He was one of only 8 recipients from several hundred applicants. He is the first international student to receive this award.

What does the job involve ?

I did translation for the medical students and foreign doctors, and it was my pleasure to help Fati and Veronica to comfort the children in the First Aid room. First thing every morning I attended ward round with Doctor Dan. Then I would do bedside translation with the foreign medical students and the 2nd Doctor to help patient and family to understand what was their condition and what was the planned treatment.

Why did you choose to work/volunteer at BPC ?

Because the Doctors and medical students come here with their energy and enthusiasm to help our Timorese patients and I was interested to help them by using my skills as a translator to reduce the barrier between the foreigners and the patients and to help the Timorese patients understand more about their health and to follow the Doctors advice.

What would you like to do in the future?

I plan to study overseas for undergraduate study in Civil Engineering. But the BPC Nurses and Doctors are trying to convince me to study medicine. I have decided to take a year out to consider my options and will continue to volunteer at BPC during that time. I am committed to returning to Timor Leste as a qualified individual and will use my energy and learning for the benefit of my country.