Dr Charlotte Hall

Charlotte Hall is a UK-based infectious diseases and adult medicine registrar who qualified in 2006. Her love of medicine in the tropics has taken her to practise in many destinations including Vanuatu, Samoa, Australia, the Thai-Burma border, Cambodia, Kenya, South Africa, and of course Timor-Leste. Having spent a medical elective at BPC in 2005, Charlotte was thrilled to be able to return as BPC’s second senior doctor for a year in 2013-14. She has particular interests in TB, HIV, viral hepatitis and governance and capacity building of health systems in low-income settings. She has a Masters in Public Health, with her dissertation focusing on the challenges of delivering preventive medicine for TB to children in Timor-Leste, and has an ongoing involvement in operational research at BPC. Charlotte is a member of BPC’s Medical Advisory Committee.

Project categories: Medical Advisory Committee