Lidia Malnutrition

Lidia came to BPC three years ago as a school leaver; a bright and dynamic young woman from a family with limited resources. She had just a few words of English but heaps of motivation and dedication to work with malnourished babies and children.

After six months of working as a volunteer she had grasped more English and expressed a desire to become competent enough in English to study overseas and return to Timor Leste with skills in Nutrition.

She took a role as Healthcare Worker in our Malnutrition department and seized every opportunity to learn from her foreign work mates, practicing her English and even completing on line study in Malnutrition.  She was also using part of her hard earn salary to attend successive English classes.


Lidia has just returned from a three month intensive English course in Melbourne and is back at work in Malnutrition and will be registering for yet more classes next week.


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