Lita – Finance Officer

Isabellita (Lita) is from Dili, Timor Leste, and studied accounting at Tribhuwana Tunggal Dewi University in Indonesia. After completing her studies she came back to Dili where she took up work experience in Timor Plaza before being offered the job of Finance Officer here at Bairo Pite Clinic (BPC) in November 2013.

Lita’s role involves book keeping for the entire clinic, managing all income and expenditure records, invoices, monetary donations and staff timesheets and salaries.

Based in the Managers Office at BPC, Lita has a very important administrative role that is central to the smooth running of the facility. She willingly steps up to the managerial role and enjoys being able to utilize her love of numbers with working alongside the other staff, as well as interacting with the patients as often as possible.

From her time here at BPC Lita has been able to improve her accounting skills, building on the foundations of her qualifications and gaining valuable experience with each passing week. She has also appreciated having the opportunity to practice speaking English, and is now fairly competent in being able to communicate effectively with the various international staff members to whom English is their first language. Lita has a lot of compassion for her fellow Timorese, and takes every opportunity to encourage, comfort and explain the principles held by BPC to the patients she meets. Being part of such a practical solution to better the welfare of the people of Timor-Leste, Lita takes pride in knowing she is helping to make a difference for her people, and rightly so.

Lita wishes to continue her role here at BPC, gradually taking on more responsibility as she grows into her potential and continues to build on her skills. She hopes she can continue to learn and develop her expertise, and light-heartedly wonders if one day she may even become Clinic Manager.