Windy – Midwife

Windy trained at university in Indonesia and worked in a hospital for a year before coming to work as a midwife first in the Almira District of Timor Leste and then in the capital city, Dili. Once she saw a job opening for a midwife at Bairo Pite Clinic (BPC), and having heard nothing but good reports from those in the community of the quality care at BPC, Windy’s application was successful and she was hired in July 2014.

Windy soon learnt for herself that all the good things she had heard about BPC were true, and she is very happy to now be part of the team of staff. She would like to thank the clinic managers for creating a working environment in which she feels safe, which is important for her to relax into her job and feel confident and capable to carry out her responsibilities. In a normal week, Windy will help deliver around 25 babies, carry out health check-ups on every mother and baby who comes to the ward, ensure all babies receive the available vaccines, discuss family planning with the patients and ensure the mothers and babies receive follow-up health checks before leaving the ward. Windy also teaches new mothers about breast feeding and ensures all her patients are aware of basic hygiene practices to help fight infection and illness throughout pregnancy.

Working with the other midwives is paramount for the maternity ward to function successfully. They must coordinate patients, equipment and available space between them, ensuring that each patient is receiving the best possible care for their condition. Should complications arise, such as a baby in breech position or the delivery of twins, the midwives call on the help of the clinic’s doctors to assist or refer the patient to the national hospital if and when necessary. In this way, Windy and the other midwives have been able to learn from the doctors’ training and knowledge, which helps them build on their own understanding. Windy also offers counselling to patients within the maternity ward who may be facing a difficult diagnosis or complications during birth.

One-to-one care with the patients is what Windy particularly enjoys; on a rare day when she isn’t needed to rush between patients and oversee several deliveries at once, Windy likes to take time to get to know her patients, reassure them of any concerns they may have, and help to educate them on all topics surrounding maternal health and medical practices related to birth. Family planning education is also a particular favorite of Windy’s, as she likes to empower parents, women especially, to choose how many children they want and encourages longer recovery times between pregnancies.

Windy wants to be the best midwife she can be. She is keen to learn all she can from the experienced staff at BPC, and is thankful to be in a caring environment where she can expand her repertoire of skills. Now that she herself has started a family, she sees herself staying in Dili for the foreseeable future, helping other mothers much like herself to provide the best possible start for their children.

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