Yohanna – Midwife

During the awful storms over the New Year holiday Yohanna was assigned to night duty. A call came in late on the darkest and rainiest night of the wet season. ‘My wife is on labour, I cannot get to the clinic because the water is too deep’

Yohanna left with our ambulance and the trainee community birth attendant. Upon arrival at the patients address, they could not get close enough to the house and decided to wade waist deep through flood water. The Dad was beside himself with worry, ‘the baby is coming’ he cried.

Yohanna calmly assisted the delivery, waist deep in water and with the flood lapping at the patients bed. Assisted by the trainee community birth attendant.

Our hero driver Fransisco carried the patient and new baby to the ambulance and expertly negotiated the flooded streets to deliver the new family to the clinic, a dry bed and over night observations.

Next morning with breast feeding established and Mum and babe doing well. The floods had receded and the new family went safely home.

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