At the last Dili ‘in country’ board meeting – Chairman of the Board – Ross Taylor brought a friend along.


The friend is a dentist and had been to visit BPC once before and was sorely aware of the short falls of the BPC Dental Clinic.

The Dentist – (who will remain anonymous) knew that the chair we had whilst being great for pedicures was not ideal for pulling out teeth. A dental chair need to be able to lie flat for certain procedures.


Regular dental Chairs are large and expensive. The Dentist lay awake at night designing chairs in his mind that would suit the purpose and be able to fit on a Qantas Plane in the baggage department.

He then worked with his dental assistant’s husband who happened to be a fitter and turner and together they designed a chair that was sturdy, light, functional and easy to repair. The gas hinges that make the back go up and down are easily replaceable.


So while the board were in their three days of meeting The Dentist was scrubbing, repairing, organising and restoring the Dental Room to welcome visiting dentists and patients.

The Dentist had his first patient on Sunday and he left the new Dental room less a tooth and but with no more pain.

The patients and the board of BPC are very grateful.

  • by Helen Moorfoot
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