The Bairo Pite Clinic continues to experience very positive traction through excellent media coverage from Ted talks to Reddit including publicity in Sports Illustrated.

We are delighted to share with you that with all the challenges we tend to incur, huge strides have been made organizationally enabling a much better effort specifically in the key areas of outreach and emergency care.
As our loyal donors – your invaluable resources are helping a well- oiled machine deliver high quality healthcare throughout TimorLeste and as always we deeply appreciate your active participation.

We are sure you are aware that it is only through your donations that our Bairo Pite Clinic is so successfully able to provide free, critical healthcare.
Dr Dan leads a team of over 80 Timorese staff and volunteers (including internationals) who care for 200 outpatients per day, successfully delivering more than 100 babies per month and treating 2,500 patients in emergency. The Clinic has 2,000 admissions annually, and conducts more than 400 mobile clinics providing 15,000 regional consultations across 11 villages each year.
The Bairo Pite Clinic diagnoses and treats more TB cases than any other facility in Timor Léste.
Dr Dan and our board directors all thank you for your meaningful support and donations.

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